HP-DL and HP-DLS series are high performance compact and round heads for dual or triple layer process.

The head is totally made by high quality of hardened steel and manufactured by latest generation of automatic machine-tools which assure strict geometrical and coupling tolerances.

HP-DL/DLS is manual centring head. The head allows the centring of the inner layer and outer layer.

The centring of the outer layer is done by die movement from front.

The centring of the inner layer is done by tip movement from rear.

The distance between tip and die is adjusted by axial movement of the tip holder and axial movement of the die.

The flow distributors, inner head body as well as the  tip holder are subjected to additional new generation treatments for micro-hardness  > 1600 HV and highest smoothness.

HP has developed the new generation surface treatment “HP5X” UNIQUE in the market.

The additional treatments are fully compatible with hardened base steel and developed to performing process of  High viscosity compound, even on smallest crosshead.

The new additional treatment together with high quality of steel provide:

  • Micro-hardness 1600< HV< 3000
  • Coefficient of friction up to 3 times lower than standard surface treatments
  • Higher chemical inertia which assure the highest compound smoothness
  • Highest material fluidity
  • Lower extruder power consumption,
  • Higher throughput
  • Lower compound over-heating
  • Lower working pressure
  • Longer life time
  • Up to 1500 Hours of salt-mist resistance

The design, strict tolerances, polishing and treatments assure an easiest and lightest tip holder movement without locking or gripping and without using LEVER that can be dangerous for the operators safety.

The head is equipped with telescopic flow distributor support.

The head is composed of 2 coaxial main melt flow distributors (one inside the other) for filling and sheathing, inner skin+sheathing and frontal ring for additional third Skin or Stripe layer (in case of triple layer DLS).

The head can anytime work in single layer mode using one extruder only.

The Melt flow distributors are designed for excellent concentricity of the product.

The inner head, distributor design and conicity, nominal diameter and channel paths and dimensions  are accurately calculated to process all standard compounds as well as high viscosity compounds (following the CPR), assuring:

  • Lower extruder back-pressure
  • Low residence time
  • No material stagnation
  • High throughput
  • High concentricity
  • Easier set up, assembling and dis-assembling


The head can work in:

  • Single layer
  • Dual layer + skin/stripe (s)
  • Dual layer (filling+sheathing)
  • Triple layer (filling+sheathing+skin/stripes)
  • Triple layer (Sheathing+Skin+Stripe)


  • Manual centring of the inner layer from rear
  • Manual centring of the outer layer from front


The gum space can be regulated by:

  • Axial die movement from front
  • Axial tip holder movement from rear.

The design, proper tolerance and treatment allow an easy and light movement of the tip holder without using any kind of lever that could be dangerous for the operator safety.


The head can process standard compounds as well as high viscosity compounds (according to CPR).

The compound processed are:

PE – PP – TPU – TPE – XLPE Visico – XLPE Sioplas

PVC – XLPE FR – LS 0H –  XLPO – XL LS 0H, etc.


The head can be warmed up by:

  • Band Heaters at high thermal efficiency
  • Rod heaters


  • Tip Holder movement from rear for gum space regulation
  • Fine centring system from rear
  • Head support and trolley
  • Telescopic system for distributor support
  • Special melt flow distributors
  • Rings for skin stripes
  • Vacuum connector
  • Connecting flanges
  • Extruder clamp/jaw
  • Breaker plates
  • By-pass
  • Special treatments and coatings


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