Compact and conical head for insulation totally realized by highest quality of hardened steel and additional new generation surface treatment HP5X.


The head is totally made by high quality of hardened steel. All component are subjected to additional treatments in order to reach highest micro-hardness > 1600 HV, highest wear resistance for long life time and highest smoothness. The smoothness is essential to process high viscosity compounds, reducing the extruder back pressure as well as the material overheating due to the mechanical friction.


HP has developed the new generation surface treatment “HPT5X” UNIQUE in the market.

Our treatments are fully compatible with hardened base steel and developed to performing process of  High viscosity compound, even on smallest crosshead.

The new additional treatment together with high quality of steel provide:

  • Micro-hardness 1600< HV< 3000
  • Coefficient of friction up to 3 times lower than standard surface treatments
  • Higher chemical inertia which assure the highest compound smoothness
  • Highest material fluidity
  • Lower extruder power consumption,
  • Higher throughput
  • Lower compound over-heating
  • Lower working pressure
  • Longer life time
  • Up to 1500 Hours of salt-mist resistance


The head are manufactured by latest generation machines, in order to guarantee coupling extremely accurate and tolerances in terms of micron. The strict  coupling tolerances assure an easier and faster relative movement of the components as well as easier melt flow distributor disassembly without using LEVER which can be dangerous for the operator safety.


The head body and the melt flow distributor are accurately dimensioned according to the rheological properties of the compounds and to production and process needs.

The gum space, so the distance between tip and die can be regulated by axial die movement.


The unique Conical cross-head on the market, processing all compounds with perfect heat distribution, higher concentricity, lower pressure and Low Energy Consumption.


The head HP-CN due to its design and the proper melt flow distributor and tool chamber can easily process, even for the smallest size HP6, standard compound and high viscosity or cross-linkable compounds at LOW extruder working pressure and high speed.

The conical head has been developed to reduce and uniform the metal thickness between the melt flow distributor and outer head body or external band heater. The optimized shape guarantees:

  • 25% less heavy of the round head
  • 25% less metal to be warmed-up
  • 25-30% less of power consumption
  • Faster thermoregulation and perfect temperature control along the head sections
  • Special melt flow distributor to process standard and high viscosity compounds.
  • Lower extruder back pressure even in case of smallest size with HFFR or XLPEFR.
  • Quick heater change over even without dis-assembling the extruder connector.

The conical heads have been accurately calculated in each single details, even according to rheology of the compound to be extruded.

The CONICAL head HP-CN can be supplied with Self centring, Manual centring from front or Fine centring system from rear, in single or multi-layers process.

The melt flow distributors, inner and outer head body are properly calculated in terms of angles, nominal diameter, flow path, flow sections and tool’s chamber in order to guarantee:

The outer band heater uniformly distributes the heat around the melt flow distributor and consequently on the compound processed.

The heating power is consequently reduced with energy saving.

The design assures the highest heat distribution efficiency guaranteeing a faster heat up with precise temperature control.

The heads are designed, for all sizes, to to process all standard compounds as well as high viscosity and special compounds , even in case of HP6 type (small size).

The heads are equipped with all steel and treatments CERTIFICATES.


The gum space, so the relative distance between tip and die, can be regulated by:

  • Axial die movement from front


The head can process standard compounds as well as high viscosity compounds (according to CPR).

The compound processable are:




The head can be heated up by high efficiency heaters accurately dimensioned.

The heating can be realized by:

  • Band Heaters
  • Rod heaters


The head can be classified in according with max tip and die opening.

Tip Opening : 0,09 mm  – 40 mm

Die Opening : 0,10 mm  – 50 mm


  • Tip Holder movement from rear for gum space regulation
  • Fine centring system from rear
  • Head support and trolley
  • Telescopic system for distributor support
  • Special melt flow distributors
  • Vacuum connector
  • Connecting flanges
  • Extruder clamp/jaw
  • Breaker plates
  • By-pass
  • Special treatments HPT5X, other coating