The extruder are properly designed to process all type of Rubber



From 30 mm to 180 mm


Barrel in special Nitrated steel with high hardness and abrasion resistance

Horizontal and vertical

Fixe and movable

Thermoregulation by liquid Circulation

High Thermoregulation Efficiency

Feeding Port separated from the barrel

Roll Feed designed with rotating joint for thermoregulation

Roll Feed easily openable for cleaning

Additional Hopper for Granules

Tools storage on board


All Thermoplastic compounds such as:

  • PVC, and other soft compounds

The advantages are:


  • High “Drag Factor” or Q/n Factor calculated for different kind of compounds
  • High ans and stable Output 
  • Output linearity during the rump up and rump down
  • High Thermoregulation Efficiency
  • No Material Overheating
  • High Torque on the screw axes
  • Mechanical safety on clamp and on the barrel, in case of over pressure
  • Electrical safety
  • Compactness
  • Operator friendly